waterproof blackout roller blinds
2022-11-14 14:48:57

waterproof blackout roller blinds

Louver is a common window type. There are many kinds of materials and styles. Today, we will introduce it to you in detail.




Material of waterproof blackout roller blinds


Aluminum alloy shutter


An aluminum alloy louver is one of the most widely used louvers. This kind of louver has the advantages of lightness, durability, corrosion resistance, etc., but its thermal insulation performance and air tightness are general.


Zinc steel shutter


A zinc steel louver is made of zinc steel as the main material. This kind of louver is flexible and not easy to deform. It has various colors and styles, good shading performance, good corrosion resistance, and long service life. Zinc steel shutters are widely used in residential areas, offices, shopping malls, and other buildings.


Glass louver


The blades of this kind of louver are made of glass, with good light transmittance and excellent daylighting, and will not suffer from moisture, mildew, deformation, and other problems. However, the concealment of glass shutters is not very good, and they are usually installed in residential areas, offices, high-end clubs, and other places.


Wood blinds


Wooden louvers are generally made of bamboo and wood. These louvers have high appearance value, good decoration effect, good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, easy cleaning, and long service life. However, the price of wooden shutters is on the high side, and they are easy to be damaged if they are damp. Wooden shutters are usually installed in bedrooms, studies, and other places.


PVC louver


PVC shutters are colorful and have a good decorative effect. The louvers made of this material have good toughness and good waterproof and moisture-proof effect, but the PVC louvers have general glossiness, and poor durability, and are easy to be damaged. PVC shutters are generally installed in toilets and other places.


Plastic aluminum louver


This kind of louver is made of plastic aluminum material, which is not easy to deform and fade and has a good heat insulation effect. However, the material of this kind of shutter is hard, and it may scratch people if not careful. In addition, the surface of the plastic aluminum louver is easy to be scratched by hard objects. Plastic aluminum shutters are usually installed in living rooms, bedrooms, and other places.


Type of waterproof blackout roller blinds


Horizontal shutter


The pages of horizontal louvers are generally 2 inches wide and made of wood, aluminum, or polyester plastic, and the narrow ones are also 1 inch wide. There is a belt on the left and right sides of the shutter from top to bottom, and a rope runs through the belt to connect each blade. The color and style of the tape can be changed according to different needs.


Vertical louver


The vertical shutter has polyester plastic, aluminum, wood chips, non woven fabric, or laminated fabric, which is about 3 to 4 inches wide. The vertical louver can be fully extended to one side and is suitable for glass sliding doors and large windows.


Key or honeycomb louver


The blade of the piano key louver is horizontally arranged, and each page is 1 inch wide or wider, while the honeycomb louver has two or more layers. Both louvers are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.


Rolling shutter


The natural grass and reed or artificial fiber processed by grass or bamboo, such as plastic ester, are horizontally arranged and woven into translucent shutters. This kind of shutter can be rolled from the bottom to the top and can be used to block the sun in the solar house at a reasonable price.

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